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Dropshipping involves selling products that are sent directly to the customer from the manufacturer, distributor or supplier. The reseller who sells via dropshipping has therefore no stock nor purchased products in advance to resell. Instead, customer orders are sent to the supplier for delivery. The seller earns money from the difference between the product’s selling price and the wholesale price, less any fees.

The purpose of the article ”Building a successful online drop shipping business” is to explore how successful online drop shipping businesses function. Questions to be answered are listed below and will be published on https://digitalaffä


  • Could you please tell us about your success story? How did you start?
  • How did you start an online store, which platform did you use?
  • How do you decide which product to sell? Do you think dropshipping works for all types of products and markets?
  • How do you find suppliers willing to dropship? How did you convince them your idea was great?
  • How did you start selling online and how did you reach your best sales month ever?
  • What do you invest your time in most when the company is running, is it a lot of administration for example and how do you handle it?
  • How do you manage the administration around deliveries such as shipping and returns, do you write the consignment note or is it the suppliers responsibility?
  • Do you see an increased trend of dropshipping and would you recommend dropshipping?
  • What advantages and disadvantages / challenges do you generally see with dropshipping?
  • What are your best advice for anyone who wants to get started?
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A great online opportunity with high margins

Dropshipping attracts many companies and entrepreneurs because the idea of ​​not having to worry about stock and deliveries is very tempting. A very small start-up capital is usually required because you do not have to invest in stocks or products, therefore many new entrepreneurs see this e-commerce method as a great opportunity. Many online business professionals see dropshipping as a better online method compared with affiliate marketing in some senses because it offer higher margins and is less time consuming.

The idea behind the questions is to investigate how to easily sell products in a newly started e-commerce company using the dropshipping method. The business plan partly responds to the question of whether dropshipping is the e-commerce of the future and if it is smart to have a centrally located warehouse for niche e-retailers. Is it best to let another company handle warehousing, packing and logistics? Generally speaking, time is saved and the environmental impact is less due to fewer deliveries.